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To learn all there is to know about me watch this movie.

Or you can simply read my introduction down below which is what I said in the movie.

Hello, my name is Miss Bennett, or at least that is what the students call me when I go on my practical experience placements. But feel free to call me by my first name Emma. I currently live in Hervey Bay in a unit with my boyfriend of eighteen months and his mate. I am in my third year at University studying full time to become an early childhood teacher. I also work at the department store target to make ends meet. When I finish my degree I would love to gain a position as a kindergarten teacher. I enjoy working with children in there early years due to their innocence and their desire to learn and have a go. Within the coarse EDC 3100 I hope to gain a wealth of knew knowledge about different ICT’s and how I can use them in a classroom as well as develop a personal Learning network in which I will be able to obtain Personal Development from for years to come. Well that’s me in a nutshell is you have any questions or comment to make please feel free to make them. Look forward to hearing from you.


Miss Bennett

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  1. Hi Emma,

    I’m in Hervey Bay too, studying online and specialising in Early Childhood. Maybe we can meet up to study sometime 🙂 Good job on your blog, it looks great!

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