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Today I was speaking to an ex substitute teacher that stopped teaching no more than 2 years ago. I was telling her how in my practical experience this semester the focus is on ICTs, in which she responded by saying “what is an ICT”. Once I had explained to her what ICTs were she told me a story about how she had used a whiteboard marker to write on a smartboard.

This lead me to the thought are the substitute teachers given enough PD, or taught to develop a PLN so that they are able to teach the lesson plans that we have developed. Since some teacher may have completed their degree more than 20 years ago are approapriate systems in place to ensure the substitute teachers have all the skills needed to be a teacher in the 21st century?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts or any knowledge you have on this topic.

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  2. Hi,

    This is a really interesting and thought-provoking situation, which I had not actually considered before reading your post. I can only imagine how much teacher training has changed in the past 20 years – longer than I’ve even been alive for! – given how much I have seen society and especially technology change in the past years, and it’s a really interesting thought that perhaps substitute teachers may not have the technological knowledge (or even perhaps the pedagogical or content knowledge) to be able to implement a lesson plan left for them.

    Perhaps another option for us as teachers would be to create a manual of sorts, to leave in a convenient spot in the classroom, which provides information and specific steps, where necessary, for a substitute teacher to be able to at least complete the majority of the activities within a lesson. I had a similar situation on my last prac, when my supervising teacher was away and I had a substitute teacher instead for the day. I had planned a lesson that required the use of the IWB; however, without the teacher’s laptop present, I was unable to implement this lesson as the ICTs were not there. Even something like this situation could potentially affect the way a substitute teacher can implement a planned lesson, and I think that it’s really important that, where possible, we plan ahead for these situations to ensure that our students get a lesson that is smoothly transitioned from one thing to another, instead of being choppy because the substitute teacher has to keep making parts of it up on the spot because the lesson plan does’t work.

    I’ve also responded to this on my blog – feel free to have a look and comment with any thoughts you might have! URL:

    Thanks for taking the time to post about this idea!


  3. Hi there,
    You make a valid point. When I was getting organised to begin my Bachelor of Education, a friend who has been a teacher for over 20 years looked at my courses and asked… what is pedagogy? It certainly is difficult to keep up with changes, but especially technological ones. I wonder though, is it because we haven’t made the effort? I know that’s been the case with me. Perhaps these teachers are hoping that if they ignore it then this ‘phase’ will pass. It won’t, and becoming informed and using them is the only way to become comfortable with them.

  4. Hi Miss Bennett,

    This one is something I have experienced first hand. I sometimes do substitute teaching at the British International School here in Jakarta and one of my greatest worries has been that I will get an ICT lesson. Why? Because of my lack of understanding of the material! When you substitute you very rarely get access to lesson planning before the day/lesson so you usually don’t have time to familiarise yourself with the ICT being used or the particular issues which may require trouble shooting. This can be very frustrating for all. Add to this you could be teaching over any grade level, from Foundation Stage to Year 6 and all of the different ICTs in use and you can begin to get the picture.

    I used to think this was something that the school should address through PD but after starting EDC3100 and reading a bit on growth mindset and PD I have discovered it is an issue I should be addressing personally so that I am familiar with a wide range of ICTs being used in the school. Like all other subject areas it is my responsibility as a teacher to be familiar with the content. Unfortunately for students that is not always the approach substitute teachers take. I wonder what we do about that?


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