Using ICTs to communicate to parents

Hello Everyone,

Was just thinking about blogging and reading other students posts when an idea hit me. I thought that this would be a great tool to use to inform Parents. In a daycare or kindergarten context the children are to young to inform their parents what they did throughout the day. Therefore in the early childhood industry a book is placed at the sign out book to explain what the children had spent their day doing. It includes learning moment as well as small observation of the student with photos to keep the parents informed.

At times some parents don’t have time to read the book since pick up time can be busy. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to also post the information within the Daily Journal book on a blog. This way the┬áparent┬ácan access the information at their own convenience. I’m sure that once the kids are in bed their parents would be much more relaxed to read what their child did compared to during school pick up before they have to rush to soccer etc. Plus this way it gives the parent that doesn’t complete school pickup and even grandparents a chance to read what is going on in the child’s day.

Here is an example of this idea in practice, a Kindergarten teacher posts activities that have been complete along with photos.

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Miss Bennett

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  1. Hi Miss Bennett,

    I too think this is a great idea. My school currently uses a great deal of ICTs to communicate with parents, especially emails and website newsletters etc. The early years program at this school (British International School Jakarta – BISJ) is a bit different to those in Australia as many of the children (not all) are taken to school by drivers and nannies and many also go by chaperoned bus. that means very few parents actually get to see or speak to the teachers. I thought a Blog would be a great way to keep in touch with parents and could include video and pictures of activities children have participated in along with explanations. this could then also be used as documentation of learning reducing the amount of time spent on both activities.


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